Australian muzzles (15 sizes)


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These Australian Greyhound muzzles are known for being very light and super strong. They are handmade from high quality spring tempered, stainless steel wire and soldered with 34% silver content solder on all crossover points.


The muzzles are available in many different sizes. Please note: these Australian muzzles have a different size than all of our other muzzles. All of these Australian muzzles are colour coded for size options using coloured PVC plastic for the adjustable head and neck bands. These band can be shortened to a limited extent by cutting off the excess wire and bending it again. Make sure that the end of the wire never protrudes but is pushed back into the PVC plastic!


The size chart below show the measurements of the muzzles and the corresponding color code. To determine the correct size, please measure your dog’s nose length (blue line) from the tip of the nose to the middle between the ears. Add about 1.5 to 2 centimeters to that and then take a look at the chart below to see which size you need. The chart shows the actual size of the muzzle (from the front to an imaginary line between the two back eyelets of the muzzle) and you need to add the 1.5-2cm to allow enough room for the dogs nose.
For example: Your dog has a nose length of 20 centimeters. Choose the Greyhound muzzle with the red color code.

measuring chart Australian muzzles

All muzzles marked as “Greyhound” are of course also suitable for other Sighthound breeds of comparable size such as Salukis, Galgos and Afghan Hounds.


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