Softshell Jacket – S




Lightweight softshell jacket. A simple and comfortable jacket designed for Sighthounds. The collar and back are made of softshell. The part on the belly is made of black stretch fabric which makes putting this jacket on is easy without any fastening.

Thanks to its cut this jacket doesn’t keep a dog from moving. Perfect for spring or autumn weather.

Softshell fabric is often used in sports. Softshell fabric that can protect against wind, rain and snow in all but the most extreme weather conditions. It is breathable, flexible and water repellent. Softshell clothing won’t constrict movement and will help prevent sweating.

Grey/black and blue/black

Softshell and stretch fabric

MMeasure the spine length [A] from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Make sure your dog is standing up.
Measure your dogs’ girth [B] around the widest part of the rib cage.
measure softhell jacket
measure softshell jacket

To give an indication:
XS: Small Whippet
S: Whippet
M: Large Whippet, small Saluki, small Galgo
L: Saluki, Galgo, small Greyhound
XL: Large Saluki, large Galgo, large Greyhound
XXL: Large Galgo, large Greyhound

Please measure your dog before you order! This is just a general indication.